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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. It’s been a true honor to serve as your Boulder County Assessor this past year and I would welcome the opportunity to continue to work on your behalf for another term.

An Assessor has an important role creating the community Boulder County residents deserve.  Working with property owners, the Assessor ensures that fair and equitable values are set and that no one pays more than their fair share of the taxes that support our excellent schools, thriving cities, fire and safety and much more. 

As a public servant my focus is on the interests of the property owners and ensuring that the Assessor and the office staff meet their important responsibilities.  In my more than 20 years in the Assessor's Office I have worked toward increasing transparency, creating easy to use tools, and ensuring that we hold to the highest standards of public service.

Property owners in this County deserve an Assessor who accepts responsibility for the operations of the office; who turns out a quality product; who competently performs the duties of the office, who communicates honestly with the public, and who knows that serving in elected office is an honor to be repaid with unwavering commitment to the interests of those whom they serve. 

I offer my record of leadership and dedication to Boulder County. I am responsible directly to the residents and taxpayers of Boulder County.  I will take a stand for the best interests of my constituents. I am passionate about serving this county!

For Boulder County,

Cynthia Braddock

"Cindy Braddock is a strong, progressive leader. Her broad management experience, strong technical skills and deep commitment to public service make her the ideal Assessor for Boulder County."    Cindy Domenico, Boulder County Commissioner

"Cindy Braddock is a strong, progressive leader. Her broad management experience, strong technical skills and deep commitment to public service make her the ideal Assessor for Boulder County."
Cindy Domenico, Boulder County Commissioner

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Trusted Experience



Cynthia has worked in the Boulder County Assessor's Office for more than 20 years and has served as the Assessor since January 2017.  Cynthia is a licensed Appraiser and has provided executive leadership and directed all duties of the Assessor's Office.  She was instrumental in the implementation of Property Search on the web, the E-Appeal web tools, informative Notices of Valuation and Determination, meeting all deadlines and State of Colorado requirements.  She has worked on many innovations that provide transparency, easy to use tools and great public service to the residents of Boulder County.  


Under Cynthia's leadership the Assessor's Office has embraced change as necessary to facilitate innovation and creativity, introducing streamlined procedures and processes to improve property assessment and to better serve the residents of Boulder County.  Cynthia values and encourages the sharing of knowledge and collaboration and has participated in presentations to many groups to educate and provide information about property values and how they are determined. Cynthia has demonstrated a strong understanding of the issues facing property owners as property values continue to rise, working to assure public confidence in the Assessor’s office.


Cynthia has striven to provide honest and fair treatment to all residents, arriving at fair and impartial values.  She has administered the duties of the Assessor's Office in a manner that assures public confidence in accuracy and fairness while ensuring all property subject to taxation is valued in a timely manner in accordance to Colorado State law.  She has guided her staff to treat everyone with respect, compassion and dignity, always guided by principals of fairness and honesty. Delivering excellence in public service is Cynthia's goal.


Cynthia has managed both administrative and appraisal functions of the Assessor's Office, assuring property valuations in Boulder County are fair and equitable and delivered in a timely manner.  Cynthia has worked to make sure the valuation process is transparent and accurate and has worked to make the appeal process understandable and property data used in the appeal process is easily accessible. Cynthia is committed to fairness and works diligently to ensure that no one pays more or less than their fair share of the property tax burden.



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